Dating people with cats

You will most likely have commonalities with one more than the other. Experience real heartbreak Example: When you go through a breakup -- you are a mess. Example: You enjoy keeping the peace in your relationship and tend to do thoughtful things for your partner.

Here are five ways to tell if you are a cat or a dog in a relationships: You may be dog if you: 1. Example: Regular daily texts, public displays of affection, love being loved etc. Fall in love easily Example: Every person you meet has the potential to be the one. You either isolate yourself for days and then hit the bars hoping that the best way to get over someone is get under someone else. Love taking care of others Example: You are generally always the caregiver.

It is not hard to determine how extraverted and agreeable someone is.

Speaking to someone a few times should give you that information, but you might need to know someone more intimately to determine the degree of these traits.

These different attachment styles are important in dating relationships and can almost determine what arguments, fears and feelings partners can have in the course of their relationship.

Avoidant attachment was most seen in those who do not have pets.

Babies cry at night, you can’t leave them alone, and you certainly can’t lock them in your house for hours on end while you go to school or workthe entirety of their lives.

Children live longer and require more psychological nurturance to grow up and become successful.

After 20 years of dating and over 100 relationships later, I have created "The Milk and Bone Theory." Once you figure out if you dig for bones or crave bowls of milk, your path to love with be a much smoother ride. Example: You are great at keeping secrets and tend to be a bit guarded in relationships. researchers assessed the personality traits of dog owners, cat owners and individuals who owned no pets.The traits that they focused on were traits from the Big Five Inventory: conscientiousness, agreeableness, extraversion, neuroticism and openness.As a dog person, I feel that my personality and a cat person’s personality would clash in the same way cats and dogs sometimes do.Even with friends that have cats and dogs, there are bits of their personalities that I could instantly label “cat,” like being picky or distant.

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