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External factors that contribute to such fears and phobias include traumatic experiences (getting bitten by a dog leading to a fear of dogs, for example), observational learning (watching others be afraid of heights), and information and instruction (learning to fear being alone in the dark after watching too many horror movies).

Internal factors such as various biological factors like an inherited predisposition to anxiety also play a major role in the establishment of fear and phobia.

The official site of trypophobes,, was created by Masai Andrews, who also founded the Facebook group page.

"I started the website and Facebook page because I suspected this was a very common phobia and I wanted a place where people could compile information," Andrews says.

Literally, trypophobia is a new, emerging type of phobia referring to the fear of holes such as those of the coral sponge.

The idea of its existence went viral: self-identified trypophobes created their Facebook group and You Tube videos.

This Internet phenomenon became so widely popular that researchers finally took an in-depth study regarding it and have found explanation on its validity and possible cause.Cole and Wilkins theorized that the visual structure of the image might contributed at least part of the unease.At the end of the experiment, they analyzed a set of photographs that induce trypophobia and images that don’t.If so, you could be sufferer of the Internet-borne phobia – trypophobia.In the early 2000s, a large number of netizens united over their common aversion to pictures of clusters of small holes, such as that of a beehive.

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