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Of course, most of us know what that means, because we no longer subscribe to academia’s historical and geological fairy tales..If you are looking for that very special grain of sand that you’ve lost but then forgot which beaches you have visited and when you just randomly start to search, the chance you will find it within a lifetime is around 2.9·10.

A short practical session will also take place in January, in which the use of a database will be practised. Registration for the course is not necessary, registration for the exam is mandatory.While we have all been conditioned to think in terms of a few thousand years, here we are in fact considering a period of over 350,000 years.Our dating method explores the orientation of pyramids and temples spread all around the world and combines their orientation extensions into one big mathematical geodetic pattern.But when we examine these patterns more closely, we find an even rarer chance of 1 to 750,000 for these complicated physical patterns of crustal nodes and temperature changes to fit coincidentally onto each other, i.e. The orientations of more than 552 ancient structures were mass-processed into a mathematical pattern, revealing the unbelievable antiquity of Lost Civilizations and the truth of our long forgotten ancient is very unlikely to be a coincidence altogether. This conclusion is consistent with excavation/depth patterns, i.e.

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