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Apple added that singles should take a multipronged approach — attending events, or hosting their own singles gatherings, in addition to hiring a matchmaker.She also notes that singles 40 and older is “a growing niche” that needs more programming.Women are often picky about height, Apple added, and although women say “sense of humor” is a priority, matchmakers often have to find out what that really means. So stop judging weight.” One client of Apple’s would accept only dates with oval-shaped faces. I never heard that before.” Fass had one client who insisted that all of his dates wear dresses.“Remember not to judge height, age or location,” Fass said. “You can’t force someone to wear a dress,” she said.But matchmaking is hard work, and today’s matchmaking professionals want to get paid.“You orchestrate the date like a producer,” said Fass, who formerly worked in television as an on-set assistant and script manager.Some want to be the sole breadwinner others understand that many families need two incomes.

“I’m a huge advocate for online dating,” said Apple, who used JDate when she was single and met her husband on JSwipe (now owned by JDate). “I used to use [JDate] back in the day when there were no apps.” In Israel, she used Tinder and OKCupid, because there, “everyone’s Jewish.” Now, she said, “clients and people I talk to at events say, ‘No one’s on JDate and JDate sucks’ — I believe they [dating apps] all work, you just have to invest time in it.

Fass noted that attending events with clients helps her see how they interact in person.

Traditionally, making Jewish matches is considered a mitzvah, and only when matches lead to marriage are matchmakers paid.

“We have to educate people that it’s a service that you pay for up front.” High-end matchmakers can command fees of ,000 to ,000 or even more.

Apple and Fass charge about ,000 for matchmaking services but offer dating coaching and consulting for less.

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