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But anyway in this thread we can, as a community, answer questions about different models, changes, pros, cons, values, favorites, etc.

This is not a \"my guitar is better than your guitar\" thread, what may be overpriced to you may not be to someone else.

(still have a couple of the non-gibsons, some of my gibsons are floating around this site and others)can get into the urgent matter of pickguard on or off, and the benefits of topwrapping at some point.

The new Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul True Historic models are a perfect representation of Gibson’s pursuit of achieving a precise reissue of the original Les Paul.

The builders at Gibson Custom Shop scrutinized the original specs of the instrument, all in efforts of creating the most period-correct Les Paul to date.

So, what makes the True Historic so historically accurate?

So let's just say some guitars may or may not be a better \"value\" and leave it at that. Plenty of guitar manufacturers make Les Paul type guitars. So do plenty of others, Tokai, Navigator, Burny, Orville, Epiphone, Agile, ESP\/LTD, Edwards, on and on and on...

We can basically try to stay within the scope of single cut guitars (although Yamaha does a fine job at having two cutaways) with two humbuckers is close enough.

The prices below are according to 4 different price guides , in my opinion from 1954 to 1959 les paul custom guitars can be sold for more due to demand vs supply.I'll use Les Paul Standards for example, but Juniors and Customs were made over many of these years as well.YEAR ONE - THE 1952 LP1953 - bridge changed from '52.1956 - bridge changed to the tune o matic1957 brings us the humbuckers.Gibson alone has made so many different versions of the guitar it's almost impossible to list every single model they've produced since 1952, let alone all of the versions made since by other companies.So let's break it down into historical years and some basic changes.

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