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No explanation was ever offered as to why one was found so far away nor what ever became of the other mattress.

The trial began January 19, 1932, three months after the bodies had been discovered in the trunks.

We have many plans and enthusiasm to keep expanding and making Murderpedia a better site, but we really need your help for this. Winnie Ruth Judd (January 29, 1905 October 23, 1998) was a Phoenix, Arizona medical secretary found guilty of murdering and dismembering two of her friends and stuffing them into travel trunks.

Newspaper coverage and suspicious circumstances; the sentence she received raised debate over capital punishment.

Background Born Winnie Ruth, while employed at the Grunow Medical Clinic in Phoenix, Judd met Agnes Anne Le Roi, an X-Ray Technician who worked at the clinic, and her roommate, Hedvig Samuelson.

Le Roi and Samuelson had become close friends while living in Alaska and then moved together to Phoenix for its drier climate after Samuelson contracted tuberculosis. Judd left Phoenix to start a practice in Los Angeles, leaving his wife in Phoenix.

None of the dismembering aspect of the double slaying was addressed in court because Judd was tried only of the murder of Mrs. The death sentence was repealed after a ten-day hearing found her mentally incompetent; she was then sent to Arizona State Asylum for the Insane on April 24, 1933.

Jack Halloran When it was discovered during the course of the trial that Halloran and Judd had been involved in an illicit affair, Halloran also became suspect of having complicity in the killings.

Although one mattress was later found with no blood stains on it miles away in a vacant lot, the other remained missing.

Thinking at first the trunks contained contraband such as a dead deer, the baggage agent, Arthur V.

Anderson, wanted the trunks opened and tagged them to be held.

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