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Answer 1: The phone number for Les Schwab Tire Centers is (541) 416-5162. Maca Maybe the legal department could send me their email.Question 2: Who is the CEO of Les Schwab Tire Centers? Maybe the family would like to hear the truth about their company.

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Later I received a call from the employee at the tire center, stating I needed new routers, brakes, tires, shocks, bearing, ect.They told me they could not do it and that all the parts to align it were seized up. The manager at the Rialto store promised me that they can service all of our trucks and vans. I went into the Emmett center last summer with a sound on my drivers side in the front after a brake job they said I needed , I still had the noise,then in Nov.So Blake Rothrock the manager went and looked at the car. Blake told me that it all had to be replaced 2 days later after they looked at it and he said he could not get the parts so I had to order them. If all I needed was tires maybe that would be okay, but when I was promised more services Les Schwab was unable to help. I was able to find another service provider in Rialto. I had new tires put on and told them about the same noise ,they looked again and found nothing.While I had him on the Phone (Blake) with Bob in Kia Parts he told me what to order, all the front parts, nuts, bolts, cams and extra because they could not get them. Then I had my tires rotated 3 weeks ago and they still found nothing that could possibly be making the noise.So while he was on the phone I ordered 0.00 worth of parts. So I went back the next Saturday and the person working the counter said they can not do it because I ordered and bought the parts my self. So I got under my own PU and found a rubber boot off of a part that went to my drivers wheel.

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