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Across 3 studies Epstude and Förster (2011) supported this assertion.

They found that changing participants "construal level" resulted in them seeing more "love" or "lust" in ambiguous dating scenarios.

Discuss long-term and positive generalities, and put your date on track to daydream about "happily ever after".

Get them thinking about their current feelings, experiences, and body sensations, and put them on track for daydreams that are a bit more naughty. Attraction for more dating and relationship advice (in helpful categories)! I wish there was other advice like this on the internet. (Maybe Google is changing its algorithm so that its easier to find information about sex on the internet) However,the thing about your advice that really gets to me is that it sure seems as if you have to be very indirect.

That by implication she explained would get the message across that I was looking for sex.

Either way, you take a bit of ambiguity out of the date. This indirectness does not seem cognitively consonant with the idea proposed in the research by T.

Conley where many women are desiring of casual sex and are even okay with being propositioned by a stranger.

Similarly, if you are more attractive than the woman you are talking to, being direct can work there too.

Otherwise, it may be better to be indirect, building her feeling of safety and attraction to you first.

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