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Lately, the Pakistani television industry has been producing some truly hard-hitting content and this year is no different.Here is our list of the 11 most interesting dramas of 2015 that you cannot miss!A directorial trio work together on this serial to highlight the importance of standing up for your rights.However, not all those who stand up for their rights get full support and that is exactly what keeps us glued to this serial.Almost exactly one year ago, he penned a moving tribute to his wife on Instagram, saying, "If it wasn't for this beautiful woman, I don't know where if be or if I would be doing as well as I'm doing." Hey everyone, I just want to share something personal with you all. She cooks,she cleans,she takes care of our household,she takes care of me and our son,my business,my doctors and she never complains.I know she gets overwhelmed sometimes but she still doesn't complain. I didn't even realize she was this strong until I got sick. Now its my turn to take care of her after she has sacrificed so much over the past year.With a strong writer and talented director on board, we can bet Mehreen Jabbar will do justice to this drama.

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” The story-line depicts the bitter realities of society and unfolds the misfortunes and hardships a widow has to face in order to survive.You think you know someone good until you go thru some adversity and you end up seeing a whole other side to someone that you didn't know existed. This is my social media tribute to her because without her,hell, I don't know what or where I would be right now. I just want to say I love you babe, Thanks for being the rock in our family since I have been dealing with cancer and I love you.Thank you all for listening to me rant about my wife lol. A photo posted by Ahmad Givens (@realstallionaire) on He underwent chemotherapy and at least two surgeries to remove cancerous cells in his colon and liver.He was also treated for a brain tumor, according to Urban "God was number one and my family was number two," he said.

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