Dating after quitting drinking

Alcohol withdrawal insomnia was once the bane of my existence.

Years ago, I would frequently succeed in quitting drinking for one day.

I couldn’t believe I had spent a year of my life pining over this dude—he was just not a good person.

I won’t get into the details but thanks to sobriety, telling him to fuck off (with love, um sort of) was pretty easy. She said when she’s around sober people at a bar, she wants them to go away.

She got drunk with me on the last night of my drinking and I just hung out with her the other night and we went dancing ’til 2am! My friends today are a mix of sober people, normal people who drink a rational amount, heavy drinkers and raging alcoholics. I have different expectations for each type of these people, and not one “type” I consider better than another. If I call one of my drunk friends and they’re drunk, I’m like, “As you should be!

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I’m still really, really good friends with a girl who I used to party with.“Thank God Sally was so drunk she gave the cabbie a hand job for a free ride home, now I don’t feel so bad about getting yelled at by my neighbor for peeing on her lawn.” Or “I might drink a lot, but I’m not as bad as Brian!He has two DUI’s and liver disease.” The friends that I lost immediately were more in the category of “friends of friends,” drinking buddies who were a part of a crowd that I used to be in.We’ll go on hikes, go to the movies, or sometimes just hang out at her place. I hope that girl with five days of sobriety gets thousands of days of sobriety.Does she invite me out every time she goes to a bar or a party? I also hope she finds friends who won’t think she’s weird or boring for being sober.

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