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They all tour with Matty B and perform together, meaning they're with each other a lot. Most recently on his You Tube channel "Matty BVlogs," Matt has been posting videos with Ivey Meeks.

They're "dating," but it sounds kind of like they're pulling a Jake Paul and Erika Costell on us.

He thought being in a foreign country with no friends or family would be bad.

And then he began to dream about the victims and mythological creatures, such as the Basajaun, the forest’s guardian.

Still, the one girl who's consistently stayed in Matty B's life is Kate. Even if they're just friends, it sounds like they're always there for each other. "It is the Ariana Grande," he says in the video before winking at the camera. It's been three years and there's no evidence on the internet that Matty B ever met his crush IRL.

In 2014, Matty uploaded a Q&A where he tells the world who he has a crush on. (For the record, she's currently dating Mac Miller.) Safe to say, he's been a little busy with his flourishing music career.

Peter had lost Aunt May a few months after Tony Stark had asked him to fight alongside him.

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Apparently, there's one special girl that's won him over, too! While the two of them argue about how they broke up, it's safe to say that Katty B took a break for a long time.He's been rumored to date several of his music video co-stars, including Jojo Siwa and You Tuber Ce Ce.There's also speculation surrounding Gracie Haschak. Gracie is one of the Haschak sisters, and they have their own music career.Furthermore, onlookers reported that the rumored lovebirds went to see "Avengers: Infinity War" on April 27 and 29 in Los Angeles.They also attended the City Year Los Angeles event at the Sony Pictures Studios on April 28 in addition to being spotted together at In-N-Out.

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