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came here to check his dramas but turns out I watched them all already! His charisma is amazing, I think he got a great chemistry with any of his lead actress! Now , i am watching cinderella and four knights and i like ur chemistry with park so dam...much. U are my new kdrama crush now ....a fan from INDIA. Miss him and wish him all the best in every creative endeavor. I am glad to know someone as beautiful as him (not only talking about his appearance but also his heart)… Be sure to check the NG's/BTS XD Oh and you can watch it on dramacrazy (speedy joe) or mysoju (not very good tho) from the first moment i saw il woo in the " moon river " i said :" this guy will kill me till the end of the last episode! I'm waiting for this great actor comeback for a new romance drama. Get well soon we praying for your speedy recovery nothing is impossible in Gods grace ..??? We always here forever at your side no matter what .. It's the first time I saw you in Cinderella and the Four Knights.

After watching flower boy ramyun shop i think i will watch all your movie and drama! They told me Jung IL Woo is a NUGU actor because the general public in their countries does NOT care for him and his fan base is not that big. Hoping tht I can come to Korea and visit you in the future. You captured my attention when I saw your Drama Series titled " Flower Boy Ramen Shop ". I'm saying the script was poorly written but I can feel you and the remaining cast doing all you can with it.

I am happy when I Watch his Work :) Fighting :) Jung Il Woo, I am soooooo HAPPY to finally see you again in a lead role in this new drama "Golden Rainbow"! You're character and acting skills touched my heart in every way possible. im so happy because you & kim bum is a great bestfriend together... the story's too shalloe even for a rom com kind of drama. You were able to make Cha chi soo such a believable and lovable character, you were definitely the star of the show.

He always Work hard and the result is always great! I think I'm gonna watch it (although it's a 50-episode drama), well, not every episode though.. By far, the drama series, 49 Days was your best performance EVER!!! mkl I hope that Jung il Woo and Choi Sulli have a movie tgether!!! your my favorite korean actor gatchi kim sang bum.. i've watched flower boy ramen shop as well and i didn't find it vety likeable. im fan of you your acting is very good in all your drama like return of iljimae my fair lady sun and the moon and flower boy ramyun shop 49days you have diffrent role in your all drama.ilwoo your one of the best actor in asia and you recieve the award for it.ilove you very much i wish all the best love you i love him in my fair very handsome.i want ilwoo kiss french yoon eun hye like flower boy ramyun very good man i love american fan of you.i always support you your the best actor the best After watching FBRS you got me hooked on your acting.

I loved him the best in "Moon River" and "49 Days". Jung Il Woo is a great Actor and I really enjoy Watch his Work and I hope he will keep acting for a long long time! I completely fell in love with you in your drama, 49 Days. Anyonghaseyo,,,sarang hamnida,,,,ur my second favorite star in korea especialy in drama,,,,,kamsahamnida for making me in love everyday when im seeing your picture:) annyeonghaseyo... Though 49 days made me cry, currently watching moon embrace the sun, but i wish he was the main character there too. i just finished watching 49 days and i totally loved his character there.

Since then, I have been searching you on Google everyday. Keep being such a wonderful young man:-) I'm watching Golden Rainbow because of Jung Il Woo. I'd like to see him again in a more serious drama with a better, real actress. and you have a lot of fans here in the philippines... : ) Hope you're acting again soon in a leading role and I'd really like to see you in another Kdrama using martial arts cuz you're great at that too. Now, every time my daughter sees a man on a motorcycle, she says; “It’s the Scheduler! I loved both his roles in flower boy ramyun shop and 49 days.

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