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Purpose and Scope Information presented in the Prescriptive List is derived and gathered from various sources ranging from previous evaluation studies involving engineering calculations to in-situ (in its original place) metering studies.

Data may also be based on studies undertaken in jurisdictions outside Ontario and updated to reflect Ontario conditions.

In addition to gross demand and energy savings, the Prescriptive List also includes other useful information about each measure, including: Please take note that this adjustment factor is a function of program design, delivery, and measure type and is updated on a regular basis through the OPA's annual evaluation process.

Details on this information can be found on the Definitions tab or page of the document.

This Excel version of the Prescriptive List is a revised and updated version of the 2014 Prescriptive Measures and Assumptions List.

Revised input assumptions were based on new information from the results of the OPA's 2013 Program Evaluations.

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