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Caching can greatly reduce the use of system resources by returning a previously cached response, thereby avoiding the work needed to construct the original response.

Caching is supported at several points in the following systems: Application code profiling can lead to a reduction in the CPU demand by pointing out hot spots you can optimize.

yes, when querying: select to_char(your_date_field, 'YYYY-MM-DD HH24: MI: SS') from yourtable; for example.

check out the to_char function about more format values.

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id=e76b33e9-07b8-4bb1-a8d1-ee672a3402e8 Copyright International Business Machines Corporation 2018. Every major section of this cookbook will have a recipe summarizing the key points.

Guide yourself primarily with tools and methodologies. For example, with a typical Web Sphere Application Server application, start with the operating system, then Java, then WAS, then the application, etc.

Synchronization can often be reduced by: changing the code to only use synchronization when necessary; reducing the path length of the synchronized code; or reducing the frequency of invoking the synchronized code. Begin by understanding that one cannot solve all problems immediately.A large portion of the cookbook is more of a reference book.The nature of performance tuning is that 80% of the time, you should focus on a few key things, but 20% of the time you may need to deep dive into a very specific component."Increased performance can often involve sacrificing a certain level of feature or function in the application or the application server.The tradeoff between performance and feature must be weighed carefully when evaluating performance tuning changes." ( A typical performance exercise can yield a throughput improvement of about 200% relative to default tuning parameters (

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