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That phase in a relationship where you haven't yet totally discussed where you are, but you just know the two of you are secure and in love, is one of the most fun times in a couple's life.

There is still a bit of uncertainty there, which can make it even more exhilarating, but there's also a lot of happiness.

But maybe you're happily in a relationship and just want a little bit more assurance that he really is ready for a commitment with you.

I spoke to an expert to get some insight on signs your guy is committed, even though he may not say it.

He probably picks up on the anger, doesn’t get what it’s about.

If you've think you've found the person you want to commit to forever, you probably feel really excited and happy.

Men who feel they have won their woman rather than been ensnared by her are much likely to make a long term commitment.

Actions speak louder than words Rather than having long intense conversations about your relationship show your partner your level of commitment by how you treat them.

Such a conversation may prompt them to say the right things but if their behaviour doesn’t change then their words will mean nothing. A commitment to yourself to hold out for someone who’s capable of a healthy and lasting relationship is better than all the empty promises of someone who isn’t. Pretending not to be holding your breath for his next call, when you really are sitting at home blue in the face isn’t good enough. First, of all, it’s not good enough not to “seem” needy, or “act” needy. If you are slipping off your foundation a few weeks into the relationship, you will be completely off in the ditch a few months from now, lost, a shadow of your former fabulous self. It can be as simple as, “I am wondering where we are at. I just want to be clear so that I don’t disrespect what we have going on by possibly seeing other people.”Starting off a relationship honestly involves some risk and requires some vulnerability. If you want intimacy you have to be willing to stomach the risk. The Universe isn’t fooled - chances are he isn’t either.

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