Cohabitation replacing dating

There are many concerns that people have with cohabitation replacing actual marriage and the effects it will have on society, but it is also popularly accepted.I mostly want to give you some lists of what to expect when it comes to the positives and negatives of living together before marriage.Compared to marriage, living together creates disadvantages for couples, children and individuals.Marriage identifies the legal parent of a child and this creates some form of responsibility for the children by each spouse.Especially in Vietnam, the rate of which Vietnamese adults want to cohabit is high in both male and female.According to the survey of Nhu Lan, the journalist of Vnexpress, there is 70.29% of male and 61.1% of female want to cohabit.It is easier to walk away and fail to support the children when relationships do not work out if people are living together than when they are married. This post is in answer to a Reader Question about the pros and cons of cohabitation before marriage.

Therefore, cohabitation is not common in Eastern countries.In Vietnam, people often misunderstand about the meaning of cohabitation.They perceive cohabitation as a trial marriage and this word trial makes them view it in negative way.In this sense, sociologists later than Durkheim have spoken of is the opposite approach to social atomism.It means treating society as a whole that is more than adding up its parts, more than the construction of individuals. For Durkheim, society is originally everything, the individual nothing: (See the tend to treat society as created by individuals, rather than a reality in itself.

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