Christine bleakley dating frank lampard

Last week, we reported how she’s said to have told him the girls would be “crushed” if he made the move, as he’d be away from them.

A source says: “Christine’s asked pals to keep the wedding date private so nothing goes wrong.

"I didn't even know it had happened until this morning."It was a bit of a weird thing to be talking about, because it was just so unrelated to how we would be as a couple...

It was completely, clearly a joke."(Although it could be argued that even if it was meant to be a joke, it isn't necessarily reason enough to excuse the comment in the first place...)You can see Christine and the panel talking about the backlash in the opening minutes of the show here.

After revealing that “2013 would be the year” she marries her fiancé Frank Lampard, Christine Bleakley has told her inner circle that she doesn’t want the footballer’s ex, Elen Rivas, to know her wedding plans.

Dancing On Ice host Christine, 33, who got engaged to Chelsea midfielder Frank in June 2011, recently said: “I want it to be easy, so [the wedding will take place] probably here or in Ireland.” But a source close to Christine reveals an ongoing feud with Elen – mum of Frank’s two daughters, Luna, seven, and Isla, five – is one of the factors in her decision to have a low-key ceremony.

Christine Bleakley has defended her husband Frank Lampard, after an Instagram Story he posted received backlash.

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Christine Bleakley and Frank Lampard Christine, 37, has been dating the soccer star since 2009 but he admits there were "difficulties" involved for his daughters Luna, 11, and Isla, nine, whom he has with his former fiancée Elen Rivas, in adapting to having a stepmother, but now they all have a strong bond.The pair had a spat on Twitter after Elen claimed Frank had refused to let her speak to the children on Christmas day."Sad a father would stop his children from speaking to their mother over Christmas...Gloria Hunniford also recalled how she called Bleakley "bitch" before the show began, as a joke in reference to Lampard's post."You went 'What?! "Because you hadn't actually seen it in the papers!Irish television presenter who became known for hosting The One Show and Daybreak.

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