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Listing on Google Books Although Ireland may have been one of the last countries in Europe to have been colonized by human populations, it is an island which is particularly rich in prehistoric remains.

It is doubtless more than a mere coincidence that it is from the time of the synthesizing historians that we have what may be described as the first Irish archaeological report, in the form of an entry in the old Irish , telling of the finding of an outsize axe and spearhead in the river Galway in the year 1191.

Peter Harbison has written the first full-scale survey of Irish prehistory for a general audience to have appeared for a decade.

Pre-Christian Ireland gives the story of human settlement from the beginnings 10,000 years ago to St Patrick's Christianizing mission in the fifth century AD.

The radiocarbon method attempts to give the date of an organic object by estimating the amount of Carbon 14 which still survives in it, based on the presumption that the carbon content decreases at a steady rate after the death of the object itself.

Such radiocarbon dates are purposely preceded by the letter c, for circa, as they are only approximate to within a few hundred years of the given date.

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