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Some of his courses have been the book of Acts, Missions, Leadership, Mentoring, Life and Home of God’s Servant, and Evangelism since he began in 1994 on campus in Costa Rica.

Donate As new open doors have opened for Latin American missionaries to serve in restricted access countries they are learning how to share His love effectively with their new neighbors and more local people are asking to be told more about Jesus.

A tatted Chris Brown thrilled with his chart-topping hits, Kelly Rowland added some sizzle to the stage, Lupe Fiasco raged in a Bulls jersey, and Big Sean and Trey Songz catered to the ladies during the second day in Sydney.

Diddy and Rick Ross pulled out at the last minute, citing issues with promoters, but hip-hop vets Ice Cube, Ludacris, and Naughty by Nature filled the void.

This summer I have an incredible opportunity to travel to Cork, Ireland to serve with UWM missionaries there.

They began service with LAM in1969 and spent their first term in camp work at Roblealto and in youth ministry from their home in Heredia, Costa Rica.

Donate We have spent most of our lives in school, first as missionary kids in Costa Rica and Colombia respectively, then as college students and teachers in Illinois, and since 1998, as teachers/administrators at La Palabra de Vida (LPDV) school in Costa Rica.

Donate Jorge and Gail serve in Colombia, focusing on the formation of Bible Expositors on a variety of fronts.

The preaching “minischools”–where pastors as well as laymen and women receive training and mentoring over a three-year period–continue to thrive and multiply in various locations throughout Central and South America.

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