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Note how these business models, in various ways, are doing what a traditional matchmaker would do.

They are connecting people, making the connection more convenient and also providing a certain level of quality control and communication.

On the other side of this arrangement, wedding bands would receive emails about the open invitation for bids, check their schedules and decide if they wanted to submit a bid.

Any that decide to pursue the opportunity are charged a small fee.

If you want to take a course to improve your English, you can find a face-to-face or online course offered by one of our language schools near you.

It’s one of the oldest businesses known to man-and-woman-kind and with the boom in all kinds of dating sites, it’s obviously a service that has been pulled into the Internet Age.

The best approach would be to start small and locally and do a lot of the grunt work manually while you test your idea.

Our website for adult learners, is brought to you by the British Council, the world's English teaching experts.But, even some of the best high-tech business models that don’t have anything to do with pulling together the lovelorn are actually, at their heart, old-fashioned “matchmaker” operations. It creates mini-weddings between people who can provide rides and people who need rides.In fact, these kinds of matchmaking services are among the hottest Internet ventures going today and if you’re looking for a business opportunity, I suggest you take a look at these kinds of business models.Your initial job would be to pull together a decent website and do some good marketing.You could charge your trainers via the Thumbtack model, or go further and handle all the payments through your service and take a percentage off the top.

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