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Choose your line, and get ready to react when your opponent responds.

It's up to you to flirt your way through more than 50 dating missions as either a male or female character.

Since the programmers didn't have too much in the way of visual capabilities to work with back then, the focus was on a compelling story that would keep gamers occupied until the very end.

As hardware capabilities increased, the text adventure genre slowly faded into obscurity, and though the classics can be found on anything from Java applications to downloadable cellphone files, these games are really only revisited for novelty's sake.

The entire design of is what most other adventure games would consider a side-quest or a mini-game to a much more elaborate production.

It's a bunch of menus that are masquerading in a production that seems to promise more than it can ever dream on delivering.

It's more an interactive novel, a virtual, sexy, "choose your own adventure" book that's admittedly written as well as a book-masquerading-as-a-videogame can be.

But to sell people on the virtues of the Nintendo DS platform?

Ubisoft has with Sprung, an almost Western-style version of the Japanese girlfriend simulator.'s interactive text was provided by Colleen Mc Guiness, a script writer whose credits include the short lived TV series "North Shore" and "Miss Match".For Ubisoft, Mc Guiness has provided, either intentionally or not, a plot that feels derived right out of the stereotypical teen comedies of the 80s.One way to lure the opposite sex is to offer gifts, such as perfume and club passes.Make your rivals fumble over their words while you plan your next move.

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