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So anyway, the white guy is named Preston and the black one is named Damon. " "Horny." He looks at me and I give him a very sexy look. I put on the bra and slide in the little gel inserts that make it look like I have boobs. Had I been paying attention earlier, I would have known that he was down here working for his uncle and Preston was a friend of his who tagged along. "I didn't wanna say that in front of Damon, but they're gorgeous. Like you can see right through me." "Well, that doesn't sound like something you'd say," I reply, blushing a bit. His warm seed goes into my mouth at first, but most of it ends up on my face and in my hair. "You a wild one, little white girl." He turns the TV on and starts watching. Damon showed us how to get free stuff from the hotel vending machines. We hung out in the hotel room and played the board games that were in the drawers. Preston and Damon threw the Monopoly money all about the room and we rolled around in it. Luckily, my eyelashes are done up, so hopefully that'll be enough. "Yeah, and it's pretty close to that nude beach," Preston says. We get to their hotel room, and they throw their stuff down on the floor. I hear them saying something about how they're going to get laid tonight, but I just start getting into my clothes that I brought in. We chat for a bit until Damon announces that he has to go to work. I take him out of my mouth and open wide, aiming his cock at my face. The rain got a lot worse (I later heard it was a tropical storm) so we stayed inside and goofed off.Finally, I feel his thighs pressed up against my soft, pillowy butt. I work with his thrusts and try to make it pleasurable for him, but Im mostly just trying to keep my legs from failing beneath me.Damon gets taken over by whatever demon my ass uses to possess its victims and fucks me hard and fast, his thighs popping against my juicy booty. But going inside means I have to take off the sunglasses and hope they don't notice anything. I nod, but that would be a bad idea for obvious reasons. I sit down on the bed in a girly little way and pretend to be preoccupied with my phone so they can get a good look at my smooth legs and whatever else without fear that I'll catch them. I use my tongue to massage his length until I can tell somehow that he's coming close. If it were Damon, I might get my ass beat (in the bad way) but Preston seems different now. He likes it when I suck on his balls and jack him off simultaneously. After a surprising amount of time, he announces that he's gonna cum, but I don't stop.

He senses my hesitation and sits up, looking ashamed. I don't want to make you uncomfortable, that is the absolute last thing I--" I shut him up by shoving his cock in my mouth. "Damn..." he says, "you're fucking good at..." He just lets the sentence die. That's what's great about wearing this red lipstick, when I suck cock it looks so sexy.Fantasy, Blackmail, Cheating, Cuckold, Domination/submission, Erotica, Exhibitionism, Female Domination, Group Sex, Job/Place-of-work, Male Domination, Males / Female, Non-consensual sex, Reluctance, Voyeurism, Wife This story involves multiple themes like Cuckold, slavery, bdsm, rough sex and so on. As with most of my stories, there will be lots and lots of sex involved. I'm wearing sunglasses so they see as little of my face as possible. Other than that, I have soft, feminine features in general so hopefully they buy it. "So, do you always let random guys on the beach feel your ass? I act differently around Damon, I really want you to know that. "That's what I mean." I look at him, like I really look at him, and I can tell he's being sincere. I feel so warm and I swear there's fireworks going off in my head and I put my hands on his face and his lips are so soft but then we come up for air, laughing breathy laughs and smiling, just smiling. It gets frisky again, but this time he fondles my boobs through my shirt and bra, which gives me another erection. I bite my bottom lip, which I'm told is really cute when I'm wearing lipstick. Obviously the taste isn't great, but I'm so horny I couldn't care less. At one point, we ran into some folks in the hallway who Damon asked, "What do you think, sir? I normally enjoy video games, but I was shitty at the ones they brought and I was tired anyway. They introduce themselves, so I must have a convincingly high voice. Finally, I gain enough confidence to sit up and look at them. I pull on the white tank top over it and step into the booty shorts. So now me and Preston are alone in this hotel room, sitting kind of close together on the edge of the bed. "You barely know me." "I've known you long enough that you've touched my butt." "And? You're funny, and charismatic, and--" "And I have a great ass." He laughs again. Somehow we've ended up lying on the bed on our sides, staring into each other's eyes and occasionally continuing the kiss. I scoop some from my cheek into my mouth and swallow it. Preston convinced me to "nose" everyone in the indoor pool (touch them with your nose without them noticing) and we almost got kicked out because Damon kept singing songs about my butt. Damon conducted a "scientific experiment" to find out if my butt made an efficient pillow. At around midnight, the boys played video games while I watched from under the covers.

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