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This latest announcement – seemingly forced only by media attention – may rub salt in that wound.Ann Whyle, a 1996 Mercy grad, reached out in November to ask about the possibility of CPS buying the building, she said. "I feel like I'm constantly having the rug pulled out from under me," she said.

There will be conversations with the community to discuss options, Mitchell said, but she wants it to be a space that’s innovative – trying something new rather than just moving an existing school to a new building. “And quite honestly, it’s in an area of town where we have busting schools in terms of enrollment on the West Side.

There were rumblings, Whyle said, and she asked for clarification. "The transparency in this whole process is something that has been lacking from the beginning." The letter sent on Thursday feels forced, Whyle said, like the Sisters of Mercy realized, “Oh, it’s about to come out. Quick, let’s craft a letter to send out.” Ultimately, it comes down to numbers. James of the Valley School in Wyoming announced in March 2015 it was closing, the result of a years-long practice of operating under a deficit. Peter Claver, a Latin school for Boys in Over-the-Rhine, had its last day.

CPS is growing – going from 32,300 students in 2011-12 school year to 35,300 this school year. At their peak in the 1960s, Catholic schools boasted more than 5.2 million students across the U. For Mercy, the saving grace is that the building will remain a school, Whyle said.

"This is a red-letter day for the district." The fate of the building had been up in the air since March 2017, when the Sisters of Mercy announced a merger between Mother of Mercy and Mc Auley High School in College Hill.

The two all-girls schools will re-open as one on the College Hill campus next school year.

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