Carbon dating biogenic sediments

While scientists are sure that the core of Mars is not active, which means no plate tectonics; they cannot be sure that there was never a time when there were.

Mars was formed by materials that were released by the early solar nebula.

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Furthermore, past atmospheric conditions and a current abundance of methane gas build more justification to martian life. What sort of life, if any, inhabits these other planets. Mars is the seventh largest planet in our solar system. The equatorial circumference is about 13,259 miles.It lasted for about 8 months, and was not able to survive much longer than that due to the conditions on and around Mars....[tags: Mars Rover Design] - The idea to colonize Mars is thought to be a long shot but researchers believe it is possible.- For decades, humans have wanted to see more of the planet we call Mars, the red planet.There have been many successful attempts to get a glimpse of the interesting planet, and scientists are still working on a better solution to get there.

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