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In addition to Private Label SKUs, certain manufacturers or suppliers may agree from time to time to produce products for WFM that include manufacturer or supplier proprietary labels used exclusively on products sold to WFM Locations (“”).

UNFI will purchase and stock the Private Label SKUs and the Control Label SKUs requested by WFM from time to time in the UNFI DCs designated by WFM.

The parties agree that if UNFI purchases the assets or equity and/or otherwise assumes the rights and/or obligations of any entity which, at the time of such purchase/assumption, is providing products directly to WFM and/or acting as a distributor of other parties’ products to WFM, then the following provisions shall apply during the remainder of the term of this Agreement: (i) if the products being supplied to WFM by such entity are the same or similar to the Products currently being provided by UNFI to WFM, then WFM may choose to bring such products under the definition of Products and require UNFI to sell such products under the terms of this Agreement, including without limitation WFM’s purchase obligations set forth in Section 3(a) and UNFI’s pricing obligations set forth in Section 7(a) and (ii) if the products being supplied to WFM by such entity are not the same or similar to the Products currently being provided by UNFI to WFM, then UNFI and WFM may choose to negotiate in good faith to include such products under the terms of this Agreement, with such changes as may be necessary or appropriate due to the nature of the products being included..

At WFM’s reasonable request, UNFI will provide reports to WFM that include all information and data relevant to an evaluation of the WFM account and UNFI’s performance under this Agreement, including, but not limited to, the following reports: (i) all reports requested by WFM to demonstrate compliance with the terms of this Agreement; (ii) any reports of the type provided to WFM prior to the Effective Date; and (iii) all reports requested in this Agreement.

WFM may specify either a hard copy or electronic copy.

For purposes of this Agreement UNFI Parties specifically excludes Tony’s Fine Foods and Albert’s Organics, Inc.If a UNFI Party breaches this section, UNFI agrees to pay WFM [*CONFIDENTIAL*] per breach..Except for (x) Rejected Inventory, (y) inventory that is out of date or damaged or in unacceptable condition due to UNFI’s acts or omissions including, but not limited to, improper storage, improper rotation, improper ordering, damage incurred during transportation by UNFI or its designees or (z) missing, short or lost Product (shrink), if WFM terminates a Private Label SKU or a Control Label SKU, WFM will be responsible for and will reimburse UNFI for the applicable Private Label SKU or Control Label SKU inventory held by UNFI not to exceed the greater of (i) a 90 day supply based upon the WFM Locations’ past purchasing practices, or, if a new Product, projections provided in writing by WFM, or (ii) the supplier’s minimum order quantity.UNFI will cooperate fully with the WFM Private Label Team, respond promptly to any Product Action Notice and confirm receipt of any such notice by email as soon as possible but in every case, within 24 hours.UNFI shall keep the WFM Private Label Team informed of the status of UNFI inventory subject to a Product Action Notice and all actions performed by a UNFI Party in response to any such notice.

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