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As an integral part of that submission procedure, the publisher has to fill in the IARC questionnaire, which is a single set of questions about a product’s content and interactive elements.

The questionnaire combines the classification criteria of the participating rating boards.

A common example is the online auction, in which a consumer posts an item for sale and other consumers bid to purchase it; the third party generally charges a flat fee or commission.

The sites are only intermediaries, just there to match consumers.

Customer to Customer marketing has become more popular recently with the advent of the internet.

Companies such as Craigslist, e Bay, and other classified and auction based sites have allowed for greater interaction between consumers, facilitating the Customer to Customer model.

In 2003 US classifieds market totaled .00 billion for both newspapers and online classified ad services.

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Consumer to consumer (or citizen-to-citizen) electronic commerce involves the electronically facilitated transactions between consumers through some third party.A variety of tactics, including keyword search, top download checks, publisher and consumer requests, and others, are applied to ensure that age ratings are correctly applied.In case of an error, the incorrect age rating can be changed very quickly.Some people wanted things, other people had things and wanted to sell them. The use of classifieds is referred to as classified advertisement.Normally used in text based print, classified advertisement is a now a strong vertical market that allows customers to communicate their needs with each other.

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