Bosnian pyramids carbon dating

The theory of the Bosnian pyramids assumes that the Visocica hill and two nearby hills near Visoko in Bosnia and Herzegovina are actually giant pyramids built by human hands within the period between 12 000 and 500 BC.

Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun is the largest pyramid in the world with a height of over 220 meters.

“The astonishing fact is that we did not expect for a hunter gatherer society to be able to manage such an operation, to transport a megalith,” he said.

With ground-penetrating radar scans, Schmidt and his team have determined that at least 16 other rings of megaliths are still underground across 22 acres, according to the 2008 Smithsonian article.

“We only know it is there, it is huge, and it is unusual.” It could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to excavate the site, according to Fox News.

However, by no means do I feel that this is an absolutely closed case,” he wrote in a 1999 paper.

It is believed by archaeologist Klaus Schmidt that this is the oldest human place of worship—at least 11,000 years old—built at a time when scientists say people hadn’t even developed agriculture.

Stanford University archaeologist Ian Hodder told Smithsonian magazine the prehistoric structures in Gobekli Tepe could change how science views prehistoric culture.

Paul Heinrich, an archaeological geologist at Louisiana State University agreed.

Heinrich told Smithsonian: “The landform [Osmanagich] is calling a pyramid is actually quite common. They’re called ‘flatirons’ in the United States and you see a lot of them out West.” Enver Buza, a surveyor from Sarajevo’s Geodetic Institute has stated in a paper that the pyramid is “oriented to the north with perfect precision,” reported Smithsonian.

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