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So before I get to the 5 reasons let me set the scene.Date 1 Very intelligent lady, background in athletics and now a business consultant […] I’m a somewhat avid contributor to Twitter dating conversations (please do follow me on the feed to the right) and in the past few months this topic has come to light several times.

She created a fake male profile so she could decode popular women’s strategies and then reverse-engineer her own profile. Take, for example, writer Alyssa Bereznak who wrote the Gizmodo essay, “My Brief OKCupid Affair with a World Champion Magic: The Gathering Player.” After two dates, she broke things off with him, concluding, “Maybe I’m shallow for not being able to see past Jon’s world title. But there’s a larger point here: that judging people on shallow stuff is human nature; one person’s Magic is another person’s fingernail biting.” What has your experience been with online dating?Online dating is, in fact, the second most popular way couples meet in today’s technologically-mediated world.But when Webb began the journey, she found it much more fraught than she’d anticipated.This app’s unique […] Yplan was the dating idea saviour in London.This great City has so much going on but when it comes to finding out about those otherwise unheard of events outside of West End shows it’s often impossible.

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    Finding the right community to meet single people in a large country such as the USA is daunting. Personal newspaper ads and conventional dating services only have the ability to find potential matches within a small geographical area.

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