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Unless, of course, Expedia buys Priceline next month (or vice versa).

Travel industry executives, analysts and regulators debate whether such consolidation inspires healthy competition.

While NOAA has, in recent years, worked to decrease the average commercial remote sensing licensing review time, companies have complained about long delays on individual applications and a lack of insight into the license review process, issues the bill seeks to address. Brian Babin (R-Texas), chairman of the House space subcommittee.

You even consider a cruise on Carnival, Holland America, Princess.But the real question is, does all this consolidation help or hurt consumers? airline industry has undergone the most dramatic consolidation in its history, leaving travelers with just three major network carriers -- American, Delta and United.800-pound gorillas What's happening with online travel is mirrored in every sector of the industry, leaving travelers with ever expanding mega-corporations. Kevin Mitchell, chairman of the Business Travel Coalition, notes: "Most consumers cannot get all their needs met by one of these airlines.The bill also reforms commercial remote sensing regulations, moving licensing of those spacecraft from NOAA’s Commercial Remote Sensing Regulatory Affairs office to the Office of Space Commerce.It requires a 90-day review of license applications, versus the 120 days under current regulations, with automatic approval of applications should the office not make a determination at the end of that 90-day period. industry receives a timely and transparent determination on applications,” said Rep.

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