Beast yoseob dating

That’s the fact that he doesn’t let himself succumbed with Korean Idol Industry.

Another member from Highlight that’s said he didn’t get any plastic surgery on his face.

Let’s find out which members of ~~~ were rumored to have plastic surgery.

His eyes, jawline, nose, all about bone structures in Dojoon face didn’t changed even for small major.When his older pictures spread in internet, netizen in Koreaboo started to talk aboung his facial features.His appereance looks very different than his recent days, because he’s more skinny and his faces can change when hes going older.I can’t recognize at all”, and other comment “Nose job and single eyelid surgery?” Which is this rumored that spread in forum of KPOP fans about Jun Hyun do plastic surgery with his nose and his eye true or not, there is no clarification from his management or from himself. There is a rumor about him having a surgery, though we can’t be sure if it’s a plastic surgery or just a medical surgery.

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