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Thanks to Special, now I know what topics are shared interests by us both.So if someone says they don’t care for Star Wars, I’ll remember to leave my R2D2 keychain at home.If they’re on Special, you can search for them by name. They combine the best elements of all the other apps into one safe and easy to use platform.

Which is amazing because that eliminates a lot of fake profiles from ruining your experience.I also made a fake tinder account of a really hot guy in bangalore and almost 70% of the girl i matched with are ready for hookup and i even didnt met with them(fake id thats why) or chatted with them for more than 1 day, i think it would have gone till 90% if i spent more time on the girl who is denying it or met them personally.So its very common to have casual sex in India in metropolitan cities where girls live away from their families.One more thing if you get a match on tinder and she says that she is there to only meet new people or socialize and not for sex this means that you are not good looking (90% true).And one more thing if you need to get laid you should be rich, i mean filthy rich then only you’ll be able to because you need to go to expensive places every weekend that will cost you atleast 10–15k in a day, host the parties should have a nice flat to increase the chances of socialization (it is more important then good looking).

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