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In the Ortffa AMemblj* the epeaker Rare a ruling: diaallowlo R tho adloani MOBt motion ici^eii notice of ij Mr. Admittedly, our loaoea are grievoua nod the aitnntion ie ceriout. IJo hroirphi with him e draft deekretion, eetti^ out the oocciusioitt of the 15;ititili War Cahinet lor diteuseion with Indten loadtra.

If tliii if not done the Vhtrroj ehould eon vent o coa fa fo o eo of fopro Mototim of theie two or Kaiii Mtiont oiilj and arrl Tt at a aettleaicnt. Barat Chaadra Boiie’a deteii Uoii and the eoodiiloo under irbidli he vaa livtog at Triehioopoly were raiaed tiy an adjoiirunent motion aaofcd bj Mr. General Wavell, in Inat November, gave an account to thia liouae of the aobieveaacu U of Uie Indian troopa in tha vatioiia iheatrea of war Inapite of our preaent a*tuation, there la no caoaa for lota of heart. Manlaita Aliul Kalam Axirtiuit ora in the 'modern constitntiofiel history* of Imliii.

hi e tfotemtnl It my d«9 to M THIS INDIAN ANNUAL REGISTER [ 7 UMBCm *48- ftpof Uftle mo«t etnplia Uc Al Ij tiie itaienoiit made bj 8j R^aiwiflaidu Tlir tlut WMk, who m Korimf to A. in tlie Ontnil Lrglalatire Aioembly, rorafieriaatory and houae-Mt allowaneca (or nil i KMtmen and lover grade ataf T in the Potu and Telegreiilia Pqiartawnt were demanded by Rao Bahab 6i%*anij on a eiit motioo. C C iimifd ti M following it MMBciit tmm W«tiihti|.iirii : **to a If Hiiina onii lt io tho Aio Imrvoii oo Mam A very Alir)i Atimi but tivrn anttd^. Gmudhi and airmbrni of «he Wmkttiir Comiii Uito of tho Conoro M Havo told no i Hai trry had »riilniro itmi Mr. Poona, ot Nwrved that Indiana were anxiona to give the ntmoat help tliey we rc miedde of to the countriee that ware etanding up for the principles of liuniau freedom, but they ware being denied the oppoitiinitiea that they aaked for lo enable them to be free aoldiera in the war ot human liberation. Sodbbane, President Indian Chamber e^ f Commerce, in a ■latcment on the olieervanee of the united Natione Flag Day at Lahore, taid : "Pflniabia of all elaeeee and creeds are doing thdr dtrtv to a niaa and I am anre that my countrymen, irreapcctive of their individiiat viewa on political issues, will do every tiling to keep the enemy from Indians doors." Mahatma Qandhi said at Wardhagang : "If iiidciwndeace Ih the immedkete icoalof the Congresa and the Muslim League, then ailhoiit im Mling to eoma to any terms, all will fight together to he free from bondage.** 14lh. lie complaint that hit propoeale have l»eeii diatorted.

ill L III the Bind Aatriubly, Profettor Cthaniiyaai ( Conirre M ) eouglii to taiie the ('onetitiitional btiie in the province when he atked the Premier, Khaa Bahwlttr Alla Bakab, whether the oommtinieatian to the Set Tetarj of Slate ler India ratted the general itatie at to the aoee|ilaiiee or the Minitti^'t advice by the Goveraor or wlietber it covered only qnettiona of innit of particular matters on which Minietcrial advh'c waa not ai*ted opon hy the Governor and to tupply a litt of such caaea. noder the caption '*An appeal to ^Qiiad|«y and we have, therefore, to look at the reported Amcriean technical miaaion to ex)dore the poaaibility of furthering the iiiduatrial progreaa of India with a bit of auepicioii.** Mr. Uaiagopalacha H aatd tti Madras: "Mr Pavaikar'a atato Dent ia baaed on an iroproi^er uiidcrataiii Uiig of my atatement on the anbjert of the Moslem lx*ague poaition. In the liengal l^egietative Aaaemhly, the question o( giving effect to the reconimendaiioiia of the Floud Commiaaion appointed by Uie previous Ministry, which included the proiiw* \i»it to India if to acek aaaent to tlie propoaal which the llrtt^h (lovernroeiit hare MKrecil on to meet die Indian tftuallon. Subltta B«iao icc Hfcd i Ht'nda from the enrui; utim he war in thia tmtinfiy.” *1 hit la a trerj ae Hoiio ot Aieoirtit. The niii Oiity ri*i rr MHil«nl the Mimlrm Lcni^ue |•ar^y'a votea. ULO iar r%\ enditure on extraordinary rhai^ea in India waa undor conaideration. irtt Tho Joint Commiitee aiqmintcd by Uio Onitml Advltory Board of Hfollh, and the Central Advtaory Bond of Ldth ation rrvofnmrndid ilie i realion of a School Modical Seiricf A in the Provitiira and Sialet. when «iin4 e I laat tfioke lo ^ou.** aani Ilia llajeaty **we have been ibrougb vary hard and aogioua timra. Haif^bearti ri meaauree would only lead to dlaappoinimeiit. India's determination io adhere to the Allied Naiioae* resolre k) fight Faseiat aggression and to assist in establishing s fust and dumhle ywave after victory h M been won, found expresaton in the obeervatice of llm Ihritcd . But ha actnally owna up to the charge lavetted egalnat him when ha aaya if there ia anarchy in India, Briuin alone would he reaponalble. What I hate aaid, ia that I prefer anarchy lo the preaent atottry end conai^ltietit imf Kitence of India. Secretary of 8faia for India, in reply to quealiona to the Uooae of Commona, declared that Provincial Gotrrnmenta. Midnapoif; Kbnlna, Bnidnan and Howrah Diatrieta waa broocbl inlo fona la Galeoita and in tba laniaiiiing Dialfiela of Bengal. tba Hnra in Bind : **1 hara no doubt tfaot if Intfiimef in obundancei with fairly truatworthy matrrial in the •haiw of con trm (Hilary (Irctk teatimony bear* iii R 00 Indian hiatory, ami nlao, na tune roll* cm.

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Preaideiit of the Andhra Mahaeabha, eaid ; *I ahall do my utmoat to aaaiat in bringing about a aolution of the problema wbicb now confront iliia country and India in common. Ite tba Council of Bute; optnina tbe atntntl c Utctttaion on Ibt Bodftli Blr A. Patro otlcoaitd liit Itlotoni BMni'a dttteioa to acti crorea of tbt dadtil by at— rtiag to lonat laatoad of hof— Ina atlll further it Mitkai oa an alnady Tbt Cea Ual I— teklivt Aatcmbly tfcrtcd to ref^r to a Rttc^ t rommltlto Bir Ra M—aait Huda Stf't Bill to fact Uinte the iu Ucriion of alatittita of eaitaia Uada itlatlag to ladut Criat, and raitfd lib mil to rattnd Uit data up to wbkii otrl ahi datita eharatli Qwl at protirtire aliould ha«*e eflce U t Ontnd Licblattvc Attrmbly. .It a qoai Ckm put by Btr SCiauddin AIibmi I, laid : **Hlept hart bam la collab OTmtioa with mtaiii Imporiam piodium to Inrrraia Uit piodaetiaa of anal in India. partit ularty on hb tl# niaiid chat tbv baain aiintamm aobtoataai of the living l Untbni of the eoiking elaaart ahoold tiol eaflbr. be demanded that the working ebiata ahmiid art a dtanm adowaaot rorrctiionding to every rtae in the loat oi living, ao Utat the ataadard of liring be aeift up. w HIkw I a divbipn, Pandit Ifrklay Naili Konirote readutioo aaking for immediate clef v to be taken to lorn a Home Onoid for the d efe n ce of Indb. Maulaiia Abut Kalan Acad, the Congress President, sent a leplf do the aasssaga of goodwill by the Islamic National Balration Federation of China, sent ihroogb its representatife, Mr. transportation, communication, haanco, raiionttig of goods and materials and all connected matters. Indian Chamticr of Commeroe, on the o1)scrvanoe of tho United Nations Day at [. 1 bad iba bouour of addreaaina huitofie of ladia and 1 am ronriiiead fbat tbeta rirtle tone of Indio will ui'hotd itidb'a honour amony ibc albaa." Sir Bijijy Praaad Hok H R*»y iu ai* adtlrem on tba '’National War Front** broadeaat from the Calcwtta ttaiu^n of All- India Radia alfci MKd Iba nacamlty for keeping op the moiala of iba pt-oule. reply ina lo a qoeaikm fa tba Comawna taid : "Aa rewsr^n a wlib leedtia of Beverm I Indian pantea, the altitude of Hit Mafttiy't (iotarnmeni waa rlaarly tuned tti tha llonac an April 28 by the l-ord Prity baal and myaelf.** Iff UL It waa aiutounccd from New Delhi that tiio Ooe«rnor*Ofi Mtnl*lfi-Cooiictt •ooaidtred tba report of tha American Teebnteal Mtaaioo and darldad to implamant im raoanvmendaiiont to the maximum exumi poaaibla A eommittca of ibt Kxcpatire Council waa an up u my infinite regret.

^e Mualfm loacd to bring within taxable uniu oil iti«-omea from Ka. The United Provtnrea fourth luidgrt einre the outbreak of the war ettimated 0 auridii* of Ra. for iht dmt 8 aa Ibt Ooogm j I to autaaiii M crben votiiio bn dfaciida »a itaii OMd. tomio* fbati aiotflb t Ju tai O B li Mtcitaoa £ ll a H. arbitlirr tbo ladiao Ataemly vat (‘omia Ceol lo enteriatn a Lrvbbittve f«p|oa»l bi tbo loim of a Bill rrlatmi: to acrnaiii e Uwa oi multi unit C «0|enitivo Sor Mr«, mm voi one which could be utoutriy dcwli with by the cliair od a loiat of order under Kule i5, r r- / In the Orieea Awenbly. Ibe second snptdementsry estimate of ezi enciiiure for 1041*42 authoriaed by ibe Governor td Madiss showed an addii tonal auibot :zed expei.ditura to the tuoe of Ri« tt, UU,8u O a sub of Ka. Pmv Cotisii) (Vnmt for Cbififi in Tntlin, itffnkins «t a tn^ti A|[ is Coli'utta or^Atufjt'i l»y thi* l&iifal tuiftii* Ti^ihtfy A n« iijiiil mak* an • the probiemt of the e^tt'otoal un t*** th»*: **» Un' b*nt! o«r ir..t I idfuin/' A Ivjmoay Govcrnnifict i p • *i»td • **.*' j ithli- ca’nin iiic ' B'.'ml-tv o»;i from Apr U 'U ba« t^i- by THE INDIAN ANNUAL BBQ16TEB I AIll L ’A Em Bomba Qofonwmt Tbit m Eob follows the pob Uca Eon fai ths Mwopapor of OBOEll Mtto S Slllcliu** Mr. obaei TH ; **We are going to make no approach to the Rrittah (Government aud we aball facw our problama aad parila with tueb endurance and wiadom aa we may iwaaeaa." Manlaaa Abul Kalam Asad, Coogreta Praaident, in the cmirae of an interelew with the United Prcee Ataociaiion of America, aaid that Col. It ia not hietory at an organic proceea of ernintion.

arart aaaatail a by Iba Mya Kkm, Fimitr tl Ibt Puoiab. Jtonob oiktiaaad o OMtliog to Obt *Fbkiii Un Itoy* to Ktv Mh L m l Uft Cii *42 1 CHRONICLE OF SVEITIB U In th% Leg Ulatl Tc Aatraibly, Sir Abdor Raliiai nre tht tm Mm B for Idt rvltog oo February 17« ibat ihe quraiion raitfd by bir. the Mabaraia of rarlakimedi reilyiitir to a rut molioo BOTid by tlie Oiinj&i Tti Tarty under the bead **i*efirrat Admiiitalrat Um/* obaerrfd : **r leave it to Uie roemlicni of the iloiiae to |i Hli:e wbeliier under the oaiatlnit eondiiiooa the itovernor b juatified in eal Uii K iia to o Uice or not** In the Bengal li Cc Hlativc Aaaerably a Ilud^'et dem «nd for Ra. 30,04^00 being the sum chargci L -3u MAEoi * 4 ^ j cii KONicu: OF cvm*s IV. ixiuia Johnaon'a New Mbi elatemeote, giving reiaotia for tha dca|«trbiug of tba Techni cal Mtoiioo and troopa by Amertea to India. Laweon eaid that the time h^ oome to gto r M^ tte ‘^eeattle complex*' and to make it clear that **wa bad foba to do to Cdootte ond toieodi Nl to euy in Calcutta.*' ^ ^ 9 % * ^ A Oovemment of Aaaam reiointion on *1 m», SLH! Bo wa have to diatiiipuiah between atrocitiral or moridiolocical biatory and organic '‘phyaioloniral" hiatorv. a bipli order of riviliaatioti baa been unaaribed In tha Indoa Valley in tha Piiniab and in Sind, which according to curvent of Briat belicfa, ia of Iba Sumerian pattern.

Social Etc 1919 - 1947 ▼olna M I J 1942 Edited by HJV. ns^oeiated with the United Kingdom and other Douiinions hy a coimuoti n Uigiiihco to thu C*to\vti h«d equal to them in every re^p et and in no way Kuhoulinuie in any aapeot of i U domestic snd external n Ouirs/’ Sir Stafford further explattn Ml tho siinutitm ) y htuting, “Wc hope and expect to see an Indian Union strong and imiii d. Goviininent of Bengal, strongly denouncing Fascist methods of tho cocniv. Cbnrehill *ahooia Uiy atfieed” on the War Oabinefe^e propoeal and hoped ihal Ihep ww M **appeal to the Indian leadere rinee they wen the —**»—. Angy auted tlwt tbs question ol leoomg Bnsseisl ssristsnes towiitn* » np Il Nc to criliflln M Mile diu Mi; f a l ter al'tbt Uaiitd Pinr Ci M ifl Bi Twifaf a tl Haldaaal ( Nala Utl ) taid : *n¥teillicr al Jt|ia or of itermaaa at roggmtioa Ilna Maaad (Htet te dha liwloai of oat aatioa ta llw Oitei Ho Mho Bodfitt Itr li M2«f S fottoltd t lovtaat tiinfat of Rt ft;000. Ttet IMool ctil Buuoi i» Iteo dtteaibly bj Bhadte i Mofaite IBtrt, blaaaro lliaititr. retemaed to tbe Pre M tome meaaagea which t-ao^’il hcinrin him and Mr. Jinnah ap|icaled u Khukaar* to jiun and auciant whole* hcariedlv the Leegue policy. Nsliiii l Unjsn Barker, Alcro M, Viceroy's Executive Council, addreasiog a public meeting in Calcutta, held under the auapiccs of the Food Production Committee of the (ioveriimeiit of Bengal, atreaied the value of the *Grow More Food" in relation to the emergency. A Press Communique issued at Madras stated : "ilia Excellency the Viceroy has paid s visit to Madras, in the course of a tour which he baa just concluded. Nf Mdiait lit imltlto of tit Madrtt Coii Hrttt Letitlt Urt rtny. Ii iiamdlt tl i Mr diftrcneet atlh Britain, the indiaiit died in the dtftnet of thtlr moliirtaod, that vonld be the greateet indieimeni tl tit Briilii rule and a glory It lo Ma. it was resolved to constitute a Propaganda (‘ommittee to organise "ef Tective" opposition to the move initiated by Mr. If he bad done so firobsbly the imrty tliey entrusted wi Ui restonsihility would have succeeded in having the oo-o)ieration of tbe other |mrty. Rir Stafford Cripp'H, in so intei viow- in Ixmdon, obeswed .* ‘*\Vo are not going Ui walk out of India right in the middle of the war, though \vc have no wish to romaio there for any iroiierialistic reasons." , . Pandit Jawharlal N*bru, in an inicnicw iii Bombay , replying to Sir SUfford said: “Much has happened in ihi« which the Britiaii Government did noi intend ai^ did not ube ai^ tuo^ Is going to happen in India and elsowbete inspite of the wiabes of tite British Government/' . 19 *% »*• b Miii«a nad« of lo AU B o Im Tho AU-lndio Forword Bk» wm doduod udowful uadw I W loo of lodw Bolo 37A. He belierea in re Hittiiua the tbreatiiifd Jaielhi.

TIim ohjoct is the erention of a New Imlian Untofi which shall constitute a nninintun. The Chittagong Armoury Paid piisomi'i m:.(ie an apinal to the Indian National Congress and to the iloinc Si.( rotary. Uni BRE 1 1 maboi ol lodift, apn Mi Dg the Tiew tbet the “■cawhe J eertli'* fe Hey «0il9 ho inodfito Mo oo Uroly mmoeootftry* Sir Stolfoid Grippo ooid thaft be and Mr. Haltg OHolatian tald India had been node a belligertnl unarmed tt tbt wat. cob W to Waabington tome 35 apecific rerommendaitona. before agreeing to Uie lease, lumpsum payments in cash in excess of the prescribed rent, for which no receipt is given." At an emergency meeting of the working committee of tlie Madrss Provincial Hindu Mabasabha. These should form a peace brigade and fearlessly settle down among the liurs and ritk their lives in pesuadinyi their erring country roeu to desist from the crimes." Msbatroa Oandhi wrote in the lianjan re : Crip}«’ Mission : "Bir Htai Tord could have asked dther tlie CVmgress or Uie Ixwgue to form the Cabinet. The Government of Indie decided to admit Indians possessing foreign medical qualifications ' of the requisite standard to the emeigeney case of the Indian Medical Service. The salient featnrcs of the Budget apeeh of the Deean of Mysore to the Badge! were the increased profvisi M (or nation-building activities, such as education, public health, rural reconst- ruction, cottage industries, ample provision for the ezpansion of war industiiee, and adequate granu for food production and conservation, civil defence neesaiea and irrigation proieots Tlie death oconrred of Sir Ibrahim Rahimioola, , K. But onr modea of aerr Ue for tbe tiaie bctna are diao Mitically oppoalta.

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