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Each time the front of the Brady house is shown as though it were "evening", the same shot is used for "daytime". The same shadow that can be seen in the daytime shot in the lower right corner (caused by the roof) is seen on the evening shot.

See more » My first exposure to The Brady Bunch was at age 7, when I started watching the daily reruns.

She's particularly interested in what seem to be the most popular or exclusive clubs such as the Westdale Boosters, which only takes in three freshmen per year.

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Widower Sheriff Andy Taylor, and his son Opie, live with Andy's Aunt Bee in Mayberry, North Carolina.

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Marcia ultimately takes her parent's advice of meeting new friends by partaking in a school club.

But Marcia goes one or two or three steps further by joining every club, even if she has no interest in the club activity or the people associated with the club itself.

In the dark, she smashes Carol's sculpture of Mike, thinking it was an intruder.

Carol's important message in this episode: "If you carry a joke too far, someone might get hurt."I have always associated myself with Peter Brady, because, like him, I'm a middle boy.

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