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In other words, someone with slightly larger eyes gets perceived by you as having huge eyes.

Go ahead and pause the video and click through it; the faces are pretty much normal faces, so the distortion really is an illusion.

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Energizium enables large industries to negotiate (buy or sell) energy through a peer-to-peer net...Even if the best laptops and all-in-one computers sport built-in HD webcams in 2018, most traditional desktop towers don’t have the same luxury.That’s why we decided it was about time to answer a question as old as time itself: what is the best webcam on the market?I think that’s pretty neat; I’m fascinated by how our brains perceive faces in particular, since people see them everywhere. I’ll note that some people have a hard time seeing this illusion; my friend Richard Wiseman — who knows a thing or two on how the brain can be fooled! I’d love to see some variations on this, like showing men’s faces, or a man on one side and a woman on the other.

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