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Researchers in remote East Antarctica think a massive area of fractured ice discovered last month could be a newfound meteorite impact crater.

The mile-wide crater (about 2 kilometers across) is a circular scar marked by fractured, rumpled ice — a striking blot in this otherwise smooth section of Antarctica's King Baudouin Ice Shelf.

The researchers haven't yet analyzed the data, but they hope to publish their results in a scientific journal if the structure is indeed an impact crater, Eagles said. "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, and in this case, as far as we can tell, is does look like it is extraordinary evidence." Rock hunters The researchers now must complete their Gondwana study before squeezing in any more trips to the crater, Eagles said.

For instance, the team would like to eventually hunt for meteorites around the site.

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"I don't think this is an impact crater," said Jenniskens, who holds dual affiliations at the SETI Institute and at NASA's Ames Research Center, both in California.

"It's been a tremendously exciting couple of weeks," he added.

"It really is a very raw form of science, with a lot of people speculating on what might or might not be the cause." At first, Müller connected the crater to a 2004 meteor blast detected above this part of East Antarctica.

[See a video of the Antarctic crater discovery] Lucky find The possible impact crater is about twice the size of Arizona's Barringer Meteor Crater.

Satellite images suggest the broken-up ice could be at least 25 years old.

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