Alex dating married

Has this been the reason the proposal hasn't worked out every time?There was a period where Meredith seemed like obstacle. I don't think it was an excuse; that genuinely was something that made her think that the relationship itself wasn't going to work out.Slowly over the season, we haven't seen them fight; they've been living together and having great morning sex and getting along.

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The finale set the stage for Jo is already married. I knew at around January that Shonda was toying with the idea of unearthing some of Jo's past.It's a spin on the type of manipulative person he is.Part of me never wants to see him because he is someone who in the past had a lot of power over her but there's another part of me who absolutely wants to meet him.I'm assuming we're going in the direction of exploring it and I think a meeting at some point will happen when we get deep into it.previously touched on the storyline in season five and partnered with organizations like RAINN for such storylines.

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