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We are praying and trusting in the Lord to guide the Church’s growth, outreach and fellowship with the Deaf & BSL Community to increase our services to be more regular.See our Vision Page for the Word of Hands’ purpose! Akhi Alamgir is a popular singer and model in Bangladesh. Actually Bangladeshi singer Akhi Alamgir is singer but recently she become connected TV advertise model.When she eight or ten years old she got National award. Bd singer Akhi Alamgir says I got many offer from drama, cinema, model and so on.We want to say thank you to Harry Hewat and Riverside Church for the great support, encouragement and prayer for our team as we established the Word of Hands and thank you to our Lord Jesus for giving us the desire to see this service happen!

As our heart grew in desire to the minister to the Deaf Community, we set-up a BSL Home Group and BSL Alpha Courses in January 2006 and these still continue now.

But always love music because music is my heart and soul. Bangle Singer Akhi Alamgir says I like the script, so I agree the advertisement of the product. This model shooting has been many locations in Dhaka city. I hope the music video will good because this music video has been acting popular Bangladeshi actor Ferdous.

Always time I prefer good works for the reason that good work praise by people. Akhi Alamgir enjoys the shooting because shooting day was her birthday.

From the years at 2006 till 2009, our team shared the same passion and the vision of setting up a “Deaf Church” led in British Sign Language, with open access to anybody without facing any barriers and enabling us to outreach into the Deaf Community.

In May 2009, we invited David and Denise Flynn to Riverside House to deliver the “Church Training Weekend”, giving us the tools we needed to plant the church.

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