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Beyond that, little is known, due in part to everyone else being terrified of her.Senpai's cute little sister: a clingy, jealous, and emotionally dependent girl who demands her sibling's attention, so naturally she is a threat for Ayano even if not a typical rival.

Osana serves as a tutorial of sorts for the player and is the easiest rival to defeat. She harbors three desires to be the most popular girl in school, to be the greatest actor to ever live, and to get Senpai. After falling in love with Senpai in a short period of time, she believes there's something supernatural about him.The buzz on the Internet softly stretched from a subtle gentle purr to the roaring crescendo of a growl of now over a million views.Though successful, I have never have been particularly proud of that sound, and I can hear the many shortcomings coming from the inadequacy of the my Noise audio engine. The default purr model named Babouche – the one playing now – is a tranquil, warm purr modeled after my female cat.Uniquely amongst the rivals, she appears in the debug builds The athletic president of the Sports Club.She's the top student athlete in the region, and her classmates predict she'll be winning Olympic gold medals in a few years.

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