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" and instead of looking up the word "spanking" in the dictionary (which I had done ever since I could remember) I typed in the word "spanking".

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Nevertheless, she now recognizes that while "emotional," it is also presented as a factual retelling of how she did obtain a first, real-life spanking, and in real life, certain precautions must be taken.Since I posted this initially, I have received several letters from people concerned about Sharon's apparent failure to follow safety precautions in her meeting with her first spanker.When reading this article, it APPEARS as if Sharon when to a hotel room in a strange city with a man she had never met before.Three months later, I had arrived home and moved back into my old bedroom, had enrolled in full time graduate courses in the city, and gotten a part time job to help pay my way.Two years quickly passed by and I was on the verge of graduating, ready to travel across the country again for interviews. However, in waiting for these interviews to happen, there was about a month long wait which worried me, and just about drove me crazy....waiting for all these business to reply to my resume.

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