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But in many other crucial ways, the power of the esoteric has only grown.Humanity is even more open to the idea of matchmaking by math, , than we were thousands of years ago.The endurance of arranged Vedic marriages has nothing to do with moon position but with partner commonality.Social convention biases the results because throughout most of Indian history it was customary for individuals to marry within their caste.Paramahansa Yogananda, whose "Autobiography of a Yogi" was one of the first accounts of the religion to be translated into English, explained the connection between an individual personality and planetary movement as a causal relationship.“Astrology is the study of man’s response to planetary stimuli.The one online dating site that is relatively open about their matching methodology is the very popular OKCupid.

While the rules governing Western astrology are open, discoverable, and thus easy to ridicule, Vedic astrology as traditionally practiced was esoteric.The history of the practice in the West would support that view.But janam kundali–based matchmaking in India, which is still practiced today, is somewhat less transactional. Vedic matchmakers consider dozens of elaborate weighted variables as part of a predictive model.Answers here range from “irrelevant” to “mandatory,” indicating that the user does not want to be matched with people who avoid that question.The point value is logarithmic so the values increase exponentially as opposed to linearly. Point Value Irrelevant 0 A little important 1 Somewhat importan 10 Very important 50 Mandatory 250 To calculate how well you match with someone else, the system takes your scores, the scores of the person whose profile you’re viewing, multiplies these together, and takes the square root.

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