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Sidney Kehari, who works in the fashion industry thinks, “the nature of their jobs will make your friends mock you.

They always think the worst with regards to their chosen career.” 3.

From those who want to be ‘kept by women’ to irresponsible ones who just want to sire tens of children with different women but don’t take part in raising them,” moans Kanini.

We now have an influx of what Tanzanian songbird Lady Jaydee called “Wanaume kama mabinti”.

Women in the careers we are about to enlist according to men interviewed are stereotyped to be loose, dangerous, mean, ambitious, intelligent and every trait that men hate or are uncomfortable with regarding women they desire settling down with. ‘It is over and out now, Roger’ (The military and policewomen) Revered because, ‘you cannot cross them’ according to Arnold Korir, they are armed and trained in disarmament that can get one spouse signing P3 Forms if an angry brush with their martial arts skills doesn’t get them disabled.

Just why those in the military and police force have little tolerance when ‘played.’ They shoot to kill, mostly, the competition!

The one I dated had more liquor in her fridge than food. Her lifestyle was beyond my means..have too much access to men with money.” David Kamande thinks that air hostesses mutate into ever smiling girls. “Their busy schedule and out of town flights will give me sleepless nights, I will be imagining she is in the hands of the captain or some celebrity or some older tycoon,” explains Kamande adding, “her absence can tempt you as well.” 1.

Sydney Odawo has dated one and says, “they are party animals.

“I am just getting in touch with my feminine side,” some always say in defence when asked about their metro-sexual tendencies. Men Now Moving Into Girlfriends’ Houses “Nairobi men are the biggest culprits as far as emasculation is concerned.

Influx Of Metro-Sexuals ALSO READ: Polyamorous couple share bed with TWO 'wives' and raise their eight children to call all three women Some women told us the rain started beating Nairobi men when they turned metro-sexual and started patronising beauty parlours for facial scrubs, manicure, pedicure and such like feminine grooming. I have lost count of men I see proudly oil their lips, powder their noses in public, visit salons for grooming. We now have all sorts of weak men roaming all over the city.

She follows her heart and goes with the flow, so tying her down or settling is out of question,” Munyaka unequivocally concludes. ‘Room service, please’ (Waitresses and Housekeepers) Paul Onyango reckons that women in the hospitality industry are ‘dangerous’ as they will compare you with the men they deal with, ranging from high-flying tourists to businessmen.

“Given their careers (waiters) are based in lies, some tend to be carried away and live the lies,” quips Onyango. Whatever they are doing deep into the night only God knows,” according to the 28-year old programmes’ officer with a local NGO. ‘Doctor, doctor, it’s an emergency’ (medics) Most men cite two reasons why docs make for difficult dates.

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